Terms of Engagement

You can download my standard terms of engagement here. Generally we will negotiate the fee and the basis for charging fees, as well as the scope of the work. Unless we otherwise agree, these terms are the contract between you and me.

Legal Aid Terms of Engagement

You can download my legal aid terms of engagement here. For legal aid engagement, fees will be invoiced in accordance with your legal aid grant.

Standard Arbitration Agreement

You can download the AMINZ Arbitration Protocol from here. Of course, with arbitration you can tailor the agreement to suit the requirements of the parties. One of the advantages of mediation is that the parties can choose exactly what they want, and I will work with the parties to formulate a process which suits their needs.

Complaint Procedure

If you are unhappy with my services, I do encourage you to open a dialogue to discuss how we can resolve any dispute. But you are free to raise this matter with the New Zealand Law Society Complaint Service, linked below. Alternatively if your complaint is about mediation or arbitration services then you can make a complaint to AMINZ.

Standard Mediation Agreement

You can download the AMINZ mediation protocol from here. Different mediations require different approaches, and you can include whatever is needed including the usual clauses about confidentiality to the parties. Any special terms can of course be drafted for the needs of the parties.